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The other day, I went hiking in Nara.

I was able to see the autumn leaves on the trees, and there were many mountain streams.

The air was nice and the scenery was very beautiful.

At the end of the hike, we went to a hot spring.
We had a very nice day.

See you soon!

It's autumn in Japan
It's autumn in Japan.
The harvesting of rice has begun, and it is the season for delicious new rice.
The rice in Japan is very tasty.
There are many delicious foods in autumn, so I think I'm going to get fat.

COVID-19 still hasn't disappeared, but we have resumed shipping to the US and Australia the other day.
It can be shipped by Yamato Transport.
Thank you for visiting Baby Angel for all your help and support.
Spring has come
Coronavirus has become anxious worldwide.
How are you all doing?

Even in such a world, Japan has gradually entered the spring season.

The cherry blossoms are likely to be in full bloom towards the end of this month.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
May the New year turn out to be the happiest and the best for you
It's winter
There is a big sequoia tree in a nearby park.
Japan has become a winter season.
This tree is also beautiful in color.
Beautiful season.
Now,the season of Japan is autumn.
Trees are colored in autumn, it is very beautiful.
This is a Japanese garden taken at night.
The autumn leaves are reflected in the pond.
There are many areas where snow is falling, and Japan is cold nationwide.
Have you ever seen snow?
It is very cold. Fuji is a snowy landscape. very beautiful.
Sakuras are in full bloom in Japan.
very beautiful.

And also there is a diaper cover of Sakura in BabyAngel.
This is also very beautiful.